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About Us


Tracing creative spirit back to a sense of home

Travelling through the rhythms of a drum beat

Transforming an ordinary room

Into a crackling, glowing, welcoming fire circle

Sharing our stories in rhyme form

Connecting drummers and dancers inside the pulse

Transporting the present moment through sound

To an open, timeless state

Where we meet, on common ground.

We welcome you.

TRANCEPORTATION: Gabe Journey, Corinne and Julia

Gabe Journey Jones

I am passionate about drumming as a way to bring people together to share a creative commonality in the grounding rhythms of drum, voice and percussion.

A kit drummer since the early 1980’s, for the past 10 years I have been involved with women’s drumming performance groups which contribute to a range of community events including: International Women’s Day; Reclaim the Night; International Day for People with Disability; Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras events; Sydney Summer Spiritfest; Feminist Bookshop launches; and major anti-war and environmental rallies. I have also performed spoken word for 20 years and see this as an important medium to raise visibility about important social issues.

Internationally, in 2008 I performed at Michigan Women’s Music Festival; the Catskill Mountain Womyn’s World Drum and Percussion concert in New York; and the Heartlands Cafe, in Chicago. In 2006, I performed in two Ubaka Hill concerts during the Chicago Gay Games Cultural Festival.  I love contributing to the sound and energy of Tranceportation.

Corinne Roberts

Your heart is the drum, your heartbeat is the rhythm, let your soul make the music.

This is the essence of drumming for me.  I have been hooked since the early 90s when I started learning to play the djembe. Since then I have also studied arabic drumming, frame drumming, taiko, cajon, body percussion and singing.

In the mid 90s, I formed the women’s drumming group Shebang. We had a fabulous time creating & playing together at events including weddings and parties, South Coast Women’s Music Festival, IWD, Reclaim the Night, Australia Day, Sydney Women’s Festival in the Domain, Mardi Gras Fair Day, and the Mardi Gras Parade. A highlight was winning the Mardi Gras Award for Best Foreplay!  In 1997 I brought Ubaka Hill out from the US and produced a series of concerts and women’s drumming workshops in Sydney and the Blue Mountains featuring Ubaka. 

I have drummed at various music festivals including Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, Moonsisters Drum Camp in California, and the Maryland Womyns Gathering, and performed at Michfest and the Catskill Mountains Womyn’s World Drum & Percussion concert in New York.

In addition to drumming, my passions are writing poetry and singing, and I love creating combinations of percussion, spoken word and song to share with friends and community. Jamming with friends, drumming healing circles, and performing are in my blood. 

Julia Jacobs

I started drumming at age 16 with a drum kit in my bedroom. I played percussion in the Sydney Children’s orchestra for a very brief moment. I busked on the street with a set of bongos as a teenager. I studied kit drumming whilst at Art School in Newcastle, before forming the band the “Alternative Teacups”. We played original material in an around the Newcastle art scene in the early 80’s. We used a lot of found and assembled hand made percussion instruments.
I have been playing and studying the djembe for the past 10 years. I am interested in music making with friends for pure pleasure as well as the delight and creative energy of writing my own material and performing.
My passion is rhythm and song. I enjoy nothing more than hanging out with my mates and creating music and opportunities for performing and sharing this with others.

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